Veteran musician Matt Boroff dropped his new live video today, “So Many Personalities Ago” in light of his fourth album, Beautiful Machine, which will release on January 15th, 2021. American-born, Austrian-based musician and songwriter takes charge in this album over light of the current events in the world.

“So Many Personalities Ago” builds in anticipation, as the listener can watch them build the song from the first note. It explores the theme of (obvious) change, but also accepting the inability to control what is uncontrollable. It becomes a self-transcendent realization, looking back at past selves and learning from those experiences.

The album itself is a cathartic release from freefall, both for musician and listener. Boroff says of Beautiful Machine, “This album is intended as a kind of snapshot of the moment we’re living in right now. It’s an emotional reaction to where we’ve landed as a culture, both here in Europe and in the U.S. Technology continues to blur the line between fact and fiction. Our everyday lives are moving into a state of hyperreality. We’re increasingly unable to tell the difference between reality and the world being reflected back at us through our technology.

“I see my role in these songs as that of an emotional weatherman giving a forecast of the current climate,” he continues. “And I just had the feeling that clothing them in guitar-based textures wouldn’t have served to support the ideas they’re exploring. The subject matter directed me to move out of my comfort zone and take a different approach that I felt was more suited to what’s happening today.”

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