San Francisco-based alternative artist Floyd is premiering her single “Sorry Sorry Boy” today. To describe Floyd as being “eclectic” would be a vast understatement. The singer/songwriter and instrumentalist is inspired by lifelong musical influences ranging from Tori Amos to U2 to Cyndi Lauper, and pairs breathy yet powerful anthemic vocal melodies and aggressive pop foundations. Floyd pulls a more classic rock sound into her work that is built to highlight her range.

With two decades of music and performance experience, Floyd has played at popular venues and events, such as San Francisco’s Red Devil Lounge, Hotel Utah and the first ever ROCKRGRL Music Conference in Seattle.

Floyd states of her new single, “‘Sorry Sorry Boy'” is the old ‘you did me wrong’ story about lovers and the one who strays, but done with a fun and playful twist. It’s the classic lover’s apology, and the the partner saying, ‘you’re lying – go wash out your mouth,’ just like my grandma used to say to me if I said a swear word back in the day. A modern throw back to an age old story.”

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