Summer Dennis & Rhymes didn’t allow self-isolation to impede creativity. Instead, they dug up some favorite jams they hold near and dear to reflect back on being in the house more often than not.

“The songs I’m choosing for my May favorite song cover playlists are selections that just made me smile while I was stuck in the house, but still fit my vocal range,” stated Dennis. “‘Tryna Smoke’ is a 420 anthem that a lot of people loved because we all had nothing to do on that day except enjoy ourselves. ‘If Only You Knew’ is a long time favorite of mine. I love Pattie Labelle and Keke Wyatt… I dedicate that cover to those powerful women. ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ is a cover I’ve sung for years when I dabble in Jazz. It’s an amazing timeless song. ‘Shea Butter Baby’ is a fun celebration of neo soul.”

Recently transitioning from a full band to a duo, a powerful female lead, Summer Dennis co-writes with guitarist Bill Moore to compose music that displays power, independence but also femininity. Rhymes’ music and performances have cross-over appeal and combine elements of rock, R&B, latin, pop, and reggae.

Working together this spring, they have woven in their own threads of talent and hard work into each of these covers and accompanying music videos to give listeners something that is still effortlessly Summer Dennis and Rhymes.

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