With tenacious instinct, sibling duo Larkin Poe continues to create incendiary compositions that blossom with vigorous vocals and sizzling strings.  Their recently released single “She’s a Self Made Man” illustrates the band’s intrinsic ability to construct robust creations that mesh the essence of blues and rock anthems together.  

Set to be featured on Larkin Poe’s new album Self Made Man, the new single harnesses the thematic strength of the album.  Showcasing Rebecca Lovell’s mighty lead vocals, the song imbues confidence, perseverance, and strength.  These smooth, captivating vocals are paired with the biting flare of Megan Lovell’s exhilarating performance on the lap steel guitar, which blazes during the song’s bridge.  

From Rebecca’s explosive guitar riffs to Megan’s fervent, harmony vocals, “She’s a Self Made Man” commends stories of diligence and self-reliance.  Together, the sisters are releasing their new album on their own label, which is a testament to their tenacious autonomy.  Self Made Man will be released on June 12th on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and the band’s online store.  Meanwhile, the rivetting “She’s a Self Made Man” is currently available on the same platforms.            

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