Nearly three years after In Dying Arms called it a day as a band, frontman Orion Stephens returned with a revamped lineup, bringing its brutal deathcore sound back to the forefront. If you were a fan of the previous incarnation of this Baltimore-based outfit, you’ll be quite satisfied with the band’s comeback and their new single since 2017.  

“Cold & Empty” may set you at ease with its underlying melodic opening, but Orion’s first growl is like a punch to face. A suitable start given the darker lyrics appear to tell the story of a relationship gone wrong where the subject feels taken advantage of and emotionally destroyed. 

From the start, Nate White’s pounding percussion and machine gun-like footwork builds the song’s intensity under the striking guitar and bass work of Noah Williamson and Andy Sapinkopf. IDA combines several musical elements, styles, and changes as they weave scratchy screams with dark, guttural growls followed by a smooth transition into Orion’s interspersed clean, melodic vocals, which guide the song from the midpoint on. 

“Cold & Empty” reflects IDA’s diverse musical genre interests and gives listeners a little bit of everything while still retaining the sound fans are used to. For folks new to the band, it’s a song that offers something for everyone and shows the new era of IDA is off to a strong start. 

For a band that’s 75% new, IDA’s lineup has melded quickly into a tight and powerful unit ready for a live outing. It’s clear Orion has used the past several years practicing his vocal and songwriting craft, knowing he would one day be back to the stage with full-throated power. 

If “Cold & Empty” is a sign of songs to come, good days are ahead for the return of In Dying Arms. Let’s hope the global pandemic ends soon enough so the band can bring their musical ferocity to the stage once again. 

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