Australia’s Gold Coast indie rock group, Eliza and the Delusionals, have been turning heads since their original debut in early 2015. They did again when hitting the number one spot on the Alt Nation Sirius XM station with their late 2019 U.S. single “Just Exist.”

With songs like “Just Exist,” Eliza weaves her heartache into smooth airy tones, or my personal favorite, “Pull Apart Heart” where she sings “Like  the seasons I know that I can change / A little different then but mostly the same / And I guess I’ll see you at that time of year again” you get a sense of deep emotional growth. Both songs dropped as singles last year but it is no surprise that they garnered enough attention to call for an EP. 

A State of Living in an Objective Reality seems to address heartache with equal optimism and pessimism, strung together effortlessly with lyrics that clearly address coping, as well as not coping, with the many emotions that come with growing up and apart. When asked about the meaning of the album title, Eliza stated, “Kurt actually came up with A State of Living in an Objective Reality, which I instantly connected with. A huge theme of the EP is the state of my mental health and how I wasn’t able to live the way that I wanted to. I felt really controlled, like living in an objective reality. I think it’s such a cool title because so many people have already had their take on what it means to them.” 

I think many will feel a form of relatability once they listen to this entire album. There is an instant exchange between the music and listener in regards to the familiarity of emotions in each song, be it by lyrics or the atmosphere Eliza’s vocals evoke. While Eliza has since commented about a disconnect with past songs, she has followed it up with, “I think it would be more scary if I still felt the same as I did when I was 17 and 18 writing those songs. I think that disconnecting with old material is a way of moving on and growing as a person. I still love a lot of the songs and I love playing them live, but I definitely look back on the songs as a reflection of my past.” The growing-up-and-apart vibe that stems from the album comes full circle. 

A State of Living in an Objective Reality was released March, 20, 2020 and can currently be found on Spotify, Amazon, Apple music and various other streaming services.

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