Following their debut single “Talking,” Livonia, a five-piece, London-based pop punk band, has been working hard for the past year to bring us their debut EP, Hate. Relate. Regenerate. I mean, how much more punk could you get with a name like that?

The EP has a very gritty, fresh quality, displaying an abundance of raw emotion and is well received with listeners. Their style, due to their accent, has a very British feel and with hints of Rise Against. 

With total play time lasting 11 minutes, they manage to pack in a good amount of hate and angst, with some positivity thrown in for good measure. 

Comprising of James Bates, Tom Matthews, Chris Walters, Robert Cone and Mark Craig, their first song, “Snake Song,” was originally penned down by vocalist Bates when he was just 18 years old. “I had felt there were a lot of people that were willing to undermine me and in order to get themselves better stature in our social groups,” said Bates. “This had played on my mind for a few years and I recalled the lyrics and found they still applied nowadays in friendship cliques so I focused the song [to be] about being betrayed by a friend.” (Hence, “snakes”). With the lyrics “Going around and talking shit/taking my friends away from me” and chants of “Once a snake/You’re always a snake,” it’s clear this song is a brutal dig. This is where I feel the raw emotion comes from. 

When listening to the track “Blame Away,” the same raw emotions follow. With lyrics describing people that blame everyone except themselves make this band very relatable. 

The last track and the single on the EP, “Talking,” takes a look at mental health. Again another emotionally charged subject with the “I’m talking about/the way I feel now/It’s taken some years/But now I’ve got it all out/Don’t beat yourself up.” It encourages the listener to talk about their problems, that they likely have friends that are willing to listen. 

If you like bands like Rise Against, Veridian, or The Story So Far, this band is right up your alley! Due to the current global crisis, all tour dates are being rescheduled, but this energetic Brit outfit won’t let that stop them coming back with a bang. 

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