Clean, gentle reverb guitar and soft, lulling vocals gradually lead into a pulsing dance beat that only intensifies as the track develops. At only a minute into a nearly six minute track, B.A.D.A.‘s “Chemical Odysseys” encompasses the domineering musical styles of several decades; 60’s psychedelic, 70’s disco, 80’s dark pop, and 90’s soul. B.A.D.A. pulls them all together to form something with a serious message reflected in music of the present.

As the track blazes on, Brazilian singer Pedro Cesario’s vocals seem to take a back seat as Carey Clayton’s multi-instrumental talent drives “Chemical Odysseys.” The lyrics get harder to pluck apart due to his subdued, gentle vocal style and the stretched vocal reverb, and other vocal enhancements and effect choices. However, that stylistic choice would assist to greatly convey the song’s message about escapism, as well as anxiety and pain from being alone and/or dying alone; to be unheard and isolated. With the lyrics “don’t let me die alone” being the clearest vocals on the track, it drives the emphasis and evoked feeling the accompanying music draws forth.

“I lived for years in a passive state of psychedelia, trying to stay away from myself. The isolation was the tool that allowed me to understand the meaning behind what I was experiencing. That concept is an important element on the cultural shift the world is facing right now, I guess,” says Pedro, on social distancing times.

Conceptual depth is what will separate B.A.D.A. from the monotony of other electro-indie pop artists. The self-produced visual album was recorded throughout 2019 in a small Woodstock, NY cabin. Later, it was graced and sculpted by many talented people along the way, such as the Abbey Road studios in London by the hands of John Barret (James Bay, George Ezra) and featured Emmavie and Rayon & the British Youth Choir, and then was moved back across the ocean to be finished in Clayton’s bedroom in Greenpoint Brooklyn. It was then mixed by Luke Moelman (synth pop duo Great Good Fine Ok) and mastered by Chris Gheringuer (Lizzo, Janele Monale, Harry Styles).

Stay up to date by following their Soundcloud profile as B.A.D.A continues to release more material leading up to their upcoming album, Exile.

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