It’s 2020 and a new proposal has come from the hand of Jesse Merineau, a young singer and composer of Canadian origin. Born in Sault Ste Marie, he navigates music under a punk rock style and after his appearance in 2018, brings us his new single “Honey.”

Merineau explores classic rock and injects a mixture of modern rock and pop punk that reminds us a bit of the beginnings of Maroon 5, but brings a fresh sensation to the genre.

Through “Honey,” Jesse informs us that this new song is not only an emotional but direct message about the new digital life of today, which keeps us disconnected from life and the emotions of reality. It invites us to become aware of our surroundings and to leave the phone behind to start living life.

Merineau stated of the song, “‘Honey’ captures the feeling in your stomach when you see someone who is looking at you in the same way, while on a night out. When your insecurities drop, because you’re a bit intoxicated. When you already know that person is thinking what you’re thinking, even if they are too shy to make a move.” 

Beyond its excellent rhythmic development, “Honey” manages to keep you attentive from beginning to end, between guitar chords and a remarkable vocal performance, accompanied by subtle but equally powerful lyrics.

This new theme under Tidal Records and produced by Jason Pierce with the support of Brian Moncarz and Brian Lucey,t,, is now available on all major streaming platforms. For more information about Jesse Merineau’s musical project, you can follow him from his social networks, Facebook and Instagram.

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