For fans of the American rock band The Used, there is good news. After two years, the wait is finally over and a new album is on its way. However, the bad news is we have to wait until April 24th to get our hands on Heartwork, but in the meantime the band have released two singles from the upcoming album. The first single “Blow Me”was released back in December, which featured Jason Aalon Butler of Fever 333. The second single, released February 7th, makes waiting for this album so much harder than it is already.

Paradise Lost, A Poem by John Milton is actually based off a poem written by John Milton, as the title of the song states. The lead singer of the band, Bert McCraken stated, “I’ve always been a bit obsessed with Paradise Lost. I really dug deep into the poem and its author, John Milton. As I was reading a lot of his political essays, I realized that a lot of what ‘Satan’ says in Paradise Lost are quotes directly from John Milton’s own mouth. A lot of people thought he was the devil back then. He had a huge problem with the show of opulence from the Church. He thought it was disgusting. His poem is about the failed revolution against the Church of England, which is Satan’s failed revolution on earth. And what’s more incredible or exciting than a failed revolution?” McCraken’s lyrics throughout the song allude to the poem whilst also still managing to remain relatable to the modern-day audience.

However, it is the melody of this song and their constant ability to merge pop with hard rock. The first verse relies on McCarken’s voice to soar over a simple guitar chords, before breaking into that hard rock sound we are familiar with. The rest of the song follows the harder sound, whilst the guitar continues to play a melody that becomes oddly familiar and recognizable. The bridge also includes a solid solo from guitarist Joey Bradford, a real attribute to the song, continuing to help make this song a headbanger.

All in all, this song is a solid addition to The Used’s repertoire, and the use of an inspirational poem is a stroke of genius from McCraken, creating a story that makes the listener really think it’s lyrics. If we can expect more of his solid soaring vocals, and beautiful blended pop and hard rock, we are in for a new masterpiece of an album from The Used, which is set to release on April 24th.

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