There are always those songs you love. Not just because you think it’s a good song, but because of how it makes you feel when listening to it. There are some that you may feel connected to, those that bring feelings of nostalgia, or you just get an upbeat sensation from the music. Wildstreet’s “Tennessee Cocaine” is a perfect example of one of these songs. This New York-based rock band released a brand new music video to their single which was released this past summer. 

“Tennessee Cocaine” immediately starts off with thrilling, blasted drums and then rips in with guitar. It quickly pulls you in and causes you to gain an energetic feeling with a head-tossing riff. These grunge/hair metal cross-over, leather clad rockers give you an adrenaline rush just from listening. You can’t help but want to jump around or head bang to this electrifying tune. 

Wildstreet is set to perform a show with the band LA Guns November 10 in New York, those nearby should attend to give them a listen. For those who are not in the area, keep an eye out for a show that comes close to you or even look them up online. You won’t regret it. 

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