Introducing “Middleground” by No Parents. It is an angsty, up-tempo, high energy song that will leave you head banging all the way to their next show.  

“There’s a middleground I swear/ there’s a middleground out there/ like you told me once before/ there’s a middleground”… “I would like to know everything about her/ what’s the point in wasting time/ Is this real or am I an idiot? Really I’d rather just split/ but I know that I will cave in” are the lyrics that will keep you in tune. We’ve all connected to this situation, unsure about pursuing someone and if you should give into those emotions, or as Zoe said, just split. Let’s face it, who hasn’t wanted someone so bad, yet were too scared to go after them, where you have that little voice in your head telling you to just run the other way. 

Pizza, pool, secret handshakes, and partying are just some of the many things that the band love to do.  No Parents consist of four members; Nick on drums, Killian on bass, Zoe on vocals, and Davis on guitar. Some of the band members knew each other since they were little. Davis and Nick played Tee-ball together and Killian and Davis are siblings.

On September 27th their EP Middleground will be released. The band will also be heading out on tour across the US with Plague Vendor and The Decendents so be sure to catch them at a show and give ‘em a high five!  

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