Scattered amidst the stage, metal framed lanterns emit soft light accompanied by the sounds of crickets and bullfrogs, creating the ambiance of a summer night in a southern bayou.  A large drum inscribed with the words “Delta Rae” glows center stage. Suddenly, a blast of colorful light and an energizing instrumental disturbs the tranquil atmosphere, and the band members rush onto the stage.  With this magnificent, poetic introduction, Delta Rae takes the stage, emanating an everlasting aura of hope and encouragement, eching themselves in your heart forever.  

Siblings Britany, Eric, and Ian Hölljes, along with singer Liz Hopkins, percussionist Mike McKee, and bassist Grant Emerson created this exquisite group to showcase their love for music, four-part harmony, and storytelling.  Through their artistic endeavors, Delta Rae explores a range of sounds including folk, pop, and country. “All of us have been inspired by artists from so many different genres over the course of the years,” Liz Hopkins said. “We as a band, more than in a genre, I think that the core of our sound has always been four-part harmony because that is how this band started.”  As children, Ian, Eric, Liz, and Brittany were in an acapella group together, during which time they started to work on blending their vocals together. This is one of the reasons these captivating, enchanting harmonies find their way into every fervent, lyrically rich song they produce. Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, this group has a lot to give, and their concerts provide their audiences with an unforgettable, spiritual experience. 

Back in July of 2019, during the midwestern stretch of the Take Me There Tour, Delta Rae announced that they would be leaving their record label and going independent.  After departing from Big Machine Label Group, the band launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to fund their new album The Light.  The response they received from their fans was incredible.  Within just 24 hours, Delta Rae received enough funds to not only produce their album The Light, but also its sister, The Dark

These sister albums will highlight the many talents Delta Rae possesses, while exploring a range of storylines and themes.  The Light will be comprised of soulful, sun-kissed, dance jams about love and similar anthems.  On the other hand, The Dark explores emotions elicited by the opposite end of the spectrum.  The album channels a darker, witchy, mysterious tone with a focus on storytelling.  “There are different shades of darkness,” Hopkins explained. “There’s sad elements of dark. There’s the vengeful elements of dark. There’s murderous elements of dark. There’s anger.  There’s heartbreak. There are a lot of different emotions that are included in that for us.” The first of the sisters, The Light is scheduled to debut on March 20th, 2020, but the album’s first single “Take Me There” is available now on Spotify and iTunes.  It’s a glamorous, upbeat dance jam detailing themes of love, exploration, and respect, while showcasing the lead vocals of Liz Hopkins and Delta Rae’s angelic harmonies. 

Outside of the two sister albums, the funds from the Kickstarter will also assist Delta Rae in reaching numerous other goals of theirs, including the release of a holiday album.   Delta Rae’s next tour, The Light Tour, will begin on April 9th in Washington, DC and more tour dates will be released soon. “We are excited about this new chapter,” Hopkins said. “ [We] continue to be filled with gratitude and [are] just overwhelmed by the amount of love and support that our fans showed us [over] the summer.” 

Upcoming Tour Dates: 

April 9 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
April 10 – Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
April 11 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater
April 16 – Concord, NH @ Bank of New Hampshire Stage
April 17 – Portland, ME @ State Theatre
April 18 – Boston, MA @ The Royale
April 21 – Hartford, CT @ Infinity Hall
April 25 – Atlanta, GA @ Sweetwater Festival

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