What can I say about pop music? It is a great genre! On this occasion, we have the opportunity to enjoy a tempo/electronic pop artist, Carvi, who offers us the remix of her most recent single “Vibe,” from the EP Fuel the Crazy, set to release this fall.

Originally from Brazil, but now based in New York, Carvi explores several frenetic rhythms and merges them into a mixture with a sober but influential character. It allows us to see the artistic tone and musical direction that the artist wants to share. Electric rhythms with bass and synthetic movements to bring the listener to a pleasant atmosphere.

With participation in productions of producers, engineers, and Grammy winners nominated in 2017, Carvi had been noticed. Her debut album called Play managed to position herself in the catalog and set the course of the artist.

As her own artistic label, Carvi seeks to leave her own style, mixing pop, R&B, EDM, hip-hop, as well as Brazilian sounds and lyrics, in order to build a musical model to identify herself in the music world. If you are looking for a fresh and balanced rhythm, this remix version would be well suited; a melody to revive the electronic pop in your ears.

Carvi worked in collaboration of artist/producer I AM SNOW ANGEL for “Vibe (Remix).” This version takes us to the world of house music but without leaving electronic pop, showing a strong melody, which removes the softness of the original version to enliven the moment with a little effusivity. We can enjoy this musical piece, as well as others, in the aforementioned collection Fuel The Crazy and if you want more information about Carvi, you can visit her website, or you can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

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