With a refreshing musical vibe and a niche but fervent fanbase, singer/actress Kara Connolly seems destined for greater heights.

Last month, Connolly launched her debut album Life in Rear View to a packed house at The Peppermint Club in West Los Angeles. Casual guests, avid fans, friends and family milled about – the air rife with anticipation while everyone waited for her performance. The house erupted in cheers as Connolly emerged onstage with her band.

Connolly’s wholesome country-pop vibe hummed through the crowd as she opened her set with “Life in Rear View,” the titular single about moving forward and letting go. Taking a break before launching into her second song, she talked about the process of creating her debut album and how it set her on a path to rediscovering herself while acknowledging her vulnerability as an artist and as a person.

In the album, Connolly’s wholesome music is unabashedly optimistic about love and relationships. Speaking to Good Night Magazine (GNM), Connolly said that she wrote from personal experience. 

“I think I’ve been always very hopeful and optimistic about love because it really is a driving force for everything from friendships to family to romance to creative passions,” Connolly said.

She said that the album’s voice was one of truth and one of a young woman discovering who she is and what she wants – letting go of what no longer serves her, and acknowledging her self-worth along the way.

“I wanted it to be empowering, but not in a preachy sort of way,” she said. 

Connolly’s energy onstage was infectious, getting the crowd to jump and dance along with her upbeat tracks like “Highlight Reel” and “If It’s Jack. Arguably, the highlight of the night was when Connolly brought a fan onstage for “Nice Guy.” 

A presumably nice guy named Harrison was Connolly’s “muse” for the song, as she serenaded him to the crowd’s delight. The song is an upbeat celebration of the nice guys all over the world. A few more drinks into the night, and one could argue that Connolly’s “Nice Guy” is the antithesis to Taylor Swift’s entire discography. But we’re sober right now, and we won’t say that here.

Connolly also switched gears and slowed down the pace when she crooned her somber renditions of “Other People” and “Like I’ve Never Loved Somebody.” These two tracks will make you feel all the feels. 

A solid, 10-track album, Life In Rear View has something for everyone. From the happy people in love, to the melancholic tragic lovers, to everyone in between – Kara Connolly’s music is a refreshing entry to the indie-country-pop scene. 

Connolly calls it her labor of love, and is excited to share her music with the rest of the world.

“I can’t wait to see where this leads, and I’m proud of this chapter,” Connolly said.

Set List: 
1. Life in Rear View 
2. Highlight Reel
3. Backseat 
4. If It’s Jack
5. Other People
6. Like I’ve Never Loved Somebody 
7. Nice Guy 
8. Marry Me
9. Let Me Go 
10. Magic
11. WTF

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