On their sophomore album, Pink Haze, Brooklyn’s self-defined sad pop band EXNATIONS released their new single, “Tether”. EXNATIONS is comprised of Sal Mastrocola (vocals/guitar/synth), Taylor Hughes (drums/synth), and John O’Neill (bass) who, on their debut album, Tiny Sound In The Dark, set the precedence for nostalgic, anthemic greatness.

Visually, the video for “Tether” yields vibes reminiscent of the synth-wave and retro electric style from video games and television shows of the 80s. This may prove to be a hit for the trio as 80s aesthetics are making a comeback.

“We wanted the video to have an intimate feel, something genuine and honest,” shares drummer Taylor Hughes. “In the era of meeting your next love interest on Instagram and dating apps (especially in the queer world) finding the seemingly perfect “one” online is just the usual. We wanted to use first person camera shots to depict the tension and excitement before the first real hangout.” The song ebbs and flows just like our emotional state in this modern world of finding love and connection via our smartphone, tablet, or desktop.  Hughes also notes, “And then showing the moments when you feel like you’re in a blissful little bubble with this new person you’re falling for. The world is nothing but the room you’re in and the person you’re in it with at that very moment.”

With lyrics like “You’re looking like a dream/ I see a common theme/ With you and me together” the auditor can relate to how easy it is to succumb to fantasizing about your life together with someone you only just started chatting with and have yet to physically touch.

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