Texas has brought me something new out of the metal genre!  You can’t really peg down where their music fits in the metal sub-genres but Glassing’s new album Spotted Horse took me down a musical road I haven’t traveled in a long time. They exist in their own musical realm, far away from the typical, formulaic metal that I constantly hear nowadays. They truly know how to write music with the ability to capture a person’s imagination.

The guys in Glassing wrote these tracks beautifully, giving you interesting twists and turns through the songs. It’s almost like musical intermissions, if you will. They allow your mind to truly explore what you’re hearing, flowing naturally from song to song. My only critique is that Dustin Coffman’s vocals are, at times, drowned out by the other instruments. If a person is going to scream their guts out, I definitely want to hear what they have to say. Outside of that one minor nitpick, it’s still an impressive effort.

I thoroughly enjoy the unpolished, gritty sound of their heavier songs. “Sleeper” and “Lobe” exude this nasty, untamed vibe while still bringing enough power to keep your ears craving for more. I want to compliment the dynamic of these songs. Most of the time, when I listen to metal bands, I get a bad case of ear fatigue. When you hear riff after riff, scream after scream, your ear eventually grows tired of listening to the same thing over and over. Glassing does an excellent job at keeping the songs fresh and interesting as you hear each new section of music.

I am also a sucker for the more ambient tracks. I always love it when metal bands aren’t afraid to invest in the overall atmosphere of the record they put together. Glassing uses this quite effectively, taking a journey through their world, taking a step farther and farther in with each note played. “Fatigue” is a song I gravitated to the most. Cory Brim skillfully plays his guitar with some delay and I couldn’t help but be transfixed. Such a simple concept but incredibly moving. I could close my eyes and just imagine myself floating into another dimension. I would definitely recommend Spotted Horse to any open minded music lover. There is enough to satisfy any musical craving that a person might have. Their style reminds me of a metal band called Isis mixed with some early, sludgy Mastodon.

They are also hitting the road this summer! Please visit their Facebook to see if they come to a town near you. Check them out on your preferred streaming service, pick up limited edition vinyl, show them some love, and I wish them the best while they are on the road.

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