Who said Pop-Punk was dead? Calling All Captains, a 5-piece hailing from across America’s northern border, is steadily proving that the Canadian scene is still going strong. Formed in 2014, this band has released three EPs; A Way With Words (2014), Disconnect (2016), and Nothing Grows Here (2019). Starting with self-funded tours, they played their hearts out across the globe and earned every bit of fame that’s come their way. After playing as an unsigned band on the 2015 Van’s Warped Tour 2015 lineup, they took their game to the next level. Calling All Captains has shared the stage some pretty outrageous acts, such as Silverstein, Seaway, Boston Manor, and Broadside. 2017 saw some ups and downs; a few line up changes and a small hiatus, but these Captains came out stronger because of it; releasing Nothing Grows Here as their debut EP with Equal Vision Records. With this album, Captains plan to take their “infectious brand of pop punk” to vinyl, meaning it’ll soon be possible to blast a richer, musically pure version from the rooftops. Pre-order a copy of the Vinyl Album here.

“Fool’s Gold,” from Nothing Grows Here, originally dropped with the album on February 8, 2019, but Calling All Captains has recently released a brand new music video for this thrilling song that is not exactly what you’d expect. The song tells the story of nostalgia; something long gone but not forgotten, and often reminisced. From the beginning, you’d think it was an acoustic song, but then it jumps straight into a mosh pit-esque sound, almost bittersweet. Atypical of roaring punk, there are interspersed instrumental interludes that build right back to that harsh rough sound you’d expect. The music interacts well with the message of the video. “We wanted the video to represent some of the best moments and heartfelt places in our hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. It’s meant to create our distant listeners a visual of where and who we come from, showing what we miss most while we are gone,” explains lead vocalist, Luc Gauthier, who coincidentally wrote the song on the road in less than a day. A raw representation of who they are as a band, watch the video for “Fool’s Gold.”

These Captains can be found on various social media and will be touring this fall. With an original goal of playing 150 shows in 2019, they’ll be hitting about 120 come December. Co-headlining with Summer Wars, this tour will immediately follow a performance at Blackout Fest on October 19. It kicks off in Lansing, MI and snakes around the east coast, hitting various states and dipping across the southern US. The tour will end in Raleigh, NC on November 10. To see if they’ll be passing through your town, check it out here. The plan is to write another album in early 2020 and hit the road again, with aspirations of reaching their 150-shows-in-a-year goal. 

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