With a portfolio comprised of fervent lyrics, smooth vocals, and vibrant instrumentals, Emily Hackett will captivate your soul with her talent for intricate, musical storytelling.  On September 13th, Hackett released her new EP By The Moon, the follow up to last year’s EP By The Sun.  Through her new EP, this Nashville-based artist evokes notions of nostalgia, resilience, and exploration, encouraging her audience to awaken their inner strength.    

Opening with the lively, illuminating single “Easy,” Hackett delivers a song filled with an intricate mix of spirited vocals and haunting guitar strings, producing a courageous, edgy, dynamic composition.  In this song, she asks all the questions many have a difficult time asking themselves, encouraging her audience to free themselves and forgive. This song is followed by the inspirational “Worth the Weight,” an anthem of agency and self advocacy.  Through this country-rock mix, Hacket examines her life and encourages others to do the same, shedding light on the impact of stress, anxiety, and unhealthy relationships. By The Moon highlights Hackett’s innate ability to convey detailed stories through music. 

Outside of “Easy” and “Worth the Weight,” By The Moon also contains a variety of compositions that showcase serene vocals and tranquil instrumentals.  In the song “Once in a While,” Hackett combines soothing vocals with the smooth, dreamy sound of violins and guitars, creating a magical composition.  

Emily Hackett’s new EP By The Moon is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

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