With a sound ready to light the summer music festival circuit ablaze, the Washington, DC – based soul/funk act Summer Dennis & Rhymes are set to release their brand new album, Second Summer, on November 8. Ahead of that, the band is proud to share the new single “Circles,” a song that recalls sunnier days to readily warm up an East Coast fall and winter. 

The all-male Rhymes Band brings an upbeat rhythm that recalls the funk greats of yesteryear such as Parliament, with a sound that may not be out of place on a new Childish Gambino record. Meanwhile, the classically trained Summer Dennis brings a sultry and dynamic edge to the song, with a vocal range that extends from first soprano through to alto. The song features lyrics that will be relatable to many people, detailing the futility of off and on again relationships, and the stagnation experienced with partners unable or unwilling to take the next step in their journey as a couple.

Check out the brand new track, “Circles,” from Summer Dennis & Rhymes.

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