The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have always been a favorite on every pop punk fan’s playlist.  With a new website up and running, and a tour coming up this August they seem to be revamping things and fans couldn’t be more excited!  As a special treat, they recently released a new version of their song “Shooting Star” from their 2018 album The Awakening, complete with a video that loosely depicts frontman Ronnie Winter’s own battle with depression and compulsive drinking.  

He explained that, “‘Shooting Star’ is a song about recovery and life after addiction.  It’s a true story much like our first song “Facedown” and is a chance for us to encourage those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction to get help.  It’s a chance to show them they are not alone and that they can recover and live a healthy, happy lives – as we have lived through ourselves, first hand.”

This heartfelt song  has The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus signature style all over it.  Much like the other songs on The Awakening, it is a concept album that tells one piece of a greater 10 track story.  The lyrics are raw and powerful, starting off with, “You came in like a shooting star/ bringing light into my dark/showing me a better way,” proving that sometimes just one person’s belief in you can show you that there is light waiting if you want to escape the darkness.  This is further explained by the lyrics, “There’s a darkness inside of me/ most of you will not see/ Yeah and somehow she decided to stay/ Now I’m forever changed.”  

If it is more about the music for you, then you will love the layered guitars and the melodic guitar riffs. The epic lead guitar solo is reminiscent of early 90’s rock music.  The momentous pre-chorus builds up the passion that every epic romance needs. Once they hit the chorus you can feel the music speaking volumes of the emotions all on their own.  The band creates a perfect romance between vulnerability and rock.

“Shooting Star” brings me back to a dark time in my life when I pushed the person I love away.  It took years but she reminded me of the beauty this world has to offer, without her love and support I’m not sure where I would have ended up.  To me, that is the type of love and support that this track speaks on. It’s all about the influence that one person’s love can have on a person and how that love can help them grow into the person they were always meant to be.  It is a message of surviving and making it out of the tunnel into the light and I think that’s a message everyone needs at some point in their life.

Be sure to catch them on tour next month, and listen to “Shooting Star,” along with their other great hits, live and in person.

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Thursday, 8/29 – Wilders Event Center – Joplin, MO
  • Friday, 8/30 – 89th Street – Oklahoma City, OK
  • Saturday, 8/31 – Fawkes Festival – Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Sunday, 9/1 – Taste of Madison Festival – Madison, WI
  • Thursday, 9/5 – Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
  • Friday, 9/6 – Tak Music Venue – Fargo, ND/Moorehead, MN
  • Saturday, 9/7 – Icon Lounge – Sioux Falls, SD
  • Sunday, 9/8 – Lefty’s – Des Moines, IA
  • Thursday, 9/12 – The Citadel – Indianapolis, IN
  • Friday, 9/13 – Phantasy – Lakewood, OH
  • Saturday, 9/14 – Uprise Festival – Shippensburg, PA
  • Sunday, 9/15 – Skully’s – Columbus, OH
  • Wednesday, 9/18 – The Ballet Haus – Erie, PA
  • Thursday, 9/19 – The Loft – Lansing, MI
  • Friday, 9/20 – Legends – Cincinnati, OH
  • Saturday, 9/21 – SonFest – Mount Vernon, OH

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