Few bands in a tumultuous genre have had the consistency and staying power of Silverstein. After almost two decades, the Canadian band is among the biggest names in post-hardcore, keeping up a relentless touring schedule and a hallowed place in people’s hearts for those nostalgic, teenage emo phases, as well as a new generation of fans in the scene. Silverstein’s newest single “Burn It Down,” released June 26, perfectly blends past and present.

The track features Caleb Shomo, frontman of metalcore band Beartooth, who infuses the bridge with his signature growling, charismatic presence. Previously, Silverstein and Beartooth came together for a series of live performances as “Silvertooth,” with members of both bands playing one another’s songs, but “Burn It Down” is the first recorded material they have collaborated on. The result is an aggressive and energetic song reminiscent of Beartooth at their best.

“Burn It Down” is Silverstein’s first release after signing to UNFD. Vocalist Shane Told describes the track as “direct and in-your-face,” blending the catchiness of previous album Dead Reflection’s “The Afterglow” with a driving, frantic chorus. An immensely enjoyable song, “Burn It Down” bodes well for future music from Silverstein and is certain to please both long-time fans and new listeners.

Silverstein is on tour this summer with Silent Planet and August Burns Red, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the latter’s breakthrough album Constellations. In the fall, Silverstein will return to the studio and record their ninth studio album, with an expected release in 2020. 

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