“About You,” a new video from the gothic rock act The Awakening’s latest record Chasm, has been released. Lead singer and chief songwriter Ashton Nyte says this “is one of the most personal songs on the record,” having written the lyrics years ago about the loss of someone close. Fans have anticipated the video for months, as Nyte has been working with supergroup Beauty in Chaos (The Cure, Ministry, The Mission and others) on new music, as well as with film composer Ethan Gould on the score for the film Relive, which premiered at Sundance in January. And it is worth the wait, as Nyte directed the video while band member Rose Mortem handled costume design.

Originally hailing from South Africa, The Awakening is now based in the U.S. Blending genres across the spectrum of the gothic subculture, they will appeal to fans of the band HIM, though Nyte has a voice that recalls the great darkwave vocalists of the past 30 years, and thus possesses a crossover appeal for fans of different subgenres. In addition to work with Beauty in Chaos, he has worked recently with MGT (Peter Murphy of Bauhaus, The Mission), providing lyrics & vocals. Chasm is their ninth studio album.

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