Through a collection of cathartic, evocative, and fervent compositions, Meg Mac’s new album Hope examines the struggle associated with being optimistic in a melancholy world.  Released on June 7th, this mini-album contains seven songs with eloquently crafted lyrics and soulful, bold vocals.  This thematic ensemble of tracks successfully harnesses the ears of its listeners, emphasizing the importance of hope and its impact.  

Opening with the single “Give Me My Name Back,” this album incorporates an ambient electronic undercurrent into its sound.  This single, which was released earlier this year, was well received by audiences and was accompanied by a sold out tour. In “Give Me My Name Back,” Meg Mac opens with a passionate, harmonic plea, begging to reclaim her own identity.  The song slowly pulses with lyrical interpretations of indignation and confusion, exemplified by the layering of vocals. The song builds, gaining momentum and explodes during the bridge, where Mac calls others to join in on her anthem of self advocacy.  Overall, the composition is both haunting and empowering.  

This theme of identity and hope continues in the upbeat, empowering “Something Tells Me,” which is freeing in itself.   The song “Hope” follows this track with the haunting opening lyrics “I’ll hold on baby, ‘till it kills me.” This song examines how hope is romanticized and explores its impact on our lives.  “Hope” is both plucky and cathartic, idolizing hope while acknowledging the turmoil it can cause. “Head Away” also stands out as an empowering piece, describing the moment when you realize you have been manipulated and betrayed by someone you love.   “I put my hands over my eyes, don’t know why I act surprised,” Mac belts.   In this composition, Mac displays courage in the lyrical storyline and through her ruthless vocals.   

Whether it be the simple but powerful “I’m Not Coming Back,” the soulful “If You Want Me To Stay,” or the hypnotic “Before Trouble,” every song captures the album’s themes of hope and empowerment.  This album flows eloquently from one composition to the next and tells a story, taking you on an emotional and unforgettable ride.  

Hope by Meg Mac is available now on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify. 

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