Opening with the vibrant sound of blaring trumpets, Maggie Lindemann’s recently released single “Friends Go” juxtaposes the feel of a peppy summer hit with lyrics that convey the emotional turmoil associated with being a “third wheel”.  The release of “Friends Go” was followed by the premiere of a music video titled “Death By Third Wheel”, directed by Van Alpert. The music video debuted on May 29th and features skateboarder Le’Andre Sanders.   

“Friends Go” reflects the awkwardness of feeling isolated and lonely while, at the same time, being surrounded by friends.  This relatable topic is meshed with a catchy, upbeat, invigorating sound that makes you feel like you’re on a beach somewhere, soaking up the sun.  The eclectic layering of instruments and the addition of Lindemann’s smooth, ruthless vocals makes this song an irresistible piece of music. Lindemann contributed to this single as both a vocalist and guitarist, showcasing her expansive talents.  

This single represents a change for Maggie Lindemann, incorporating influences like No Doubt and Panic! At the Disco into her work.  According to her interview with Billboard, Lindemann said she wanted to allow her love for pop-punk and ska to be represented in her music.  This track definitely achieved what she was aiming for.  

Maggie Lindemann’s song “Friends Go” is available now on Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes.  She recently completed a tour with Sabrina Carpenter. Upcoming tour dates have not been announced.  She is tentatively releasing a full-length album later this year.

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