NYC’s soulful pop singer, actress, and soon-to-be college graduate, Rachel Norman, has just released her debut EP, Resist. This album features a variety of talent including, producer/DJ CLOCKWORKDJ, master producer/engineer Lukas Selig, producer Michael Abiuso of Behind the Curtains Media, guitarist Kris Wong, and composer/jazz pianist Jason Leonhard.  

Norman’s first single “Sadness” gives you an ironically happy feeling. She sings of “How we need it to cope with being alive” and goes on to end with “My life’s consumed with overwhelming sadness/ But there’s love that makes me feel alright.” This song is nothing short of relatable and has an upbeat R&B feel, but the part that really hits is the incredible range of her voice that she commands to close out the song.. Rachel hits you with even more feels in “Good”, which is a song heavily reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s style. The powerhouse of a female strength comes out, singing “Love is a verb/ Love is an action/ Love’s been on my mind/ Don’t take me for granted.” Stream “Sadness” now.

Norman will graduate from Muhlenberg College with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a double minor in Women’s & Gender Studies and Italian Studies.  Over the past four years, Rachel has been performing at local venues throughout NYC, Boston, and PA. Most recently, she’s  made her Rockwood Music Hall debut and headlined WMUH 97.1 FM Allentown, PA’s Red Door Concert Series, Eastchester/Tuckahoe Summer Fest, and Boston Summer Music Series. Fans of Ariana Grande, Rita Ora, and Tori Kellyare going to fall for Rachel Norman.

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