Alexis Constantakos

Charlie Sub & the Sound Dogs released their debut title track, “The Bronx is Burning.”  Laden with the 70’s-inspired rock, blues, and jazz, you’ll be captivated by the modern elements put forth with this track.

Instantly gripped with Gonzalez’s snare intro, followed by Esser’s saxophone melody, the song transports you back to the streets of NYC.  Sub’s vocals rumble throughout, providing a look back to when the city was seething with anger and dread.

This is a time for which Sub is able to pull lots of inspiration seeing as his father, Paul Sub, owned and managed the Coventry Club in Queens which saw the likes of Kiss, The Ramones, and more come through their doors; some at the start of their careers.  

Sub shares, “It was 1977 and I was living on my own just out of college.  New York was in bad shape that year. The city was bankrupt; ‘Son of Sam’ was terrorizing people and landlords were burning down their buildings to collect insurance on their bad investments.  People were on edge that summer as a raw energy pulsed through a smoky city. The highlight of that year was the Yankees, under Billy Martin, winning the World Series. As you watched the home games on TV, clouds of smoke from the burning Bronx buildings would sweep over the field.”

The Bronx is Burning EP was recorded, mixed, and engineered by Michael Abiuso of Behind the Curtain Media. The EP is available through Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. The band plays throughout the greater New York City area multiple times per month, be on the lookout this summer!

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